About Us

LSG Staffing opened in 2006 to fill a growing need in the IT industry for temporary and permanent staffing support.


Alan Sheppard - Owner

Owner and co-founder Alan Sheppard also owns LSG Solutions, where he has developed IT solutions for public and private sector organizations for decades. Alan recognized the need for temp services, staff augmentation, and IT job search support, which led to the creation of LSG Staffing.

Since then, LSG Staffing has expanded to include specialization in many new industries, including operational and administrative staffing for government jobs and many other companies.


Shelley Spears - Business Manager

Shelley's background in accounting and business management started at her first job when she was 16 years old. Her account management made her responsible for all financial transactions including payroll for 100 plus employees, all general ledger entries, accounts receivable, billing, and much more! During this time, she earned her Associate's degree in accounting and went on to hold her position for 26 years.

Shelley has been a part of the LSG Staffing team since 2012. Today, she not only handles financial matters, but has also moved into a position on the recruiting side of operations. Her positive attitude and superb work ethic make sure LSG Staffing is well taken care of.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with quality candidates through several flexible methods. The extensive expertise of our team combined with our rigorous screening and interviewing process is what sets LSG Staffing apart from other staffing agencies.

We are a full-service agency where both employers and qualified job seekers have an opportunity to build mutually beneficial relationships.


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Imagine if the things that occupy your company's valuable resources during the hiring process were outsourced to a reliable staffing agency with a number of qualified candidates. 

LSG Staffing is here to help you reclaim valuable time.

Our recruitment team's extensive experience combined with a pipeline of potential employees equipped with diverse skill sets can help your business save time and resources.