If you’ve been searching for a job for any length of time—especially if you don’t have a staffing agency helping you—it’s easy to get frustrated. You may even find yourself asking if jobs are scarce.

I have great news: They’re not!

Reuters reported recently that job openings hit a record high back in December of 2018. In fact, there was enough of a shortage of workers to cause concern that it might impact the current economic expansion.

Even more recently, in May of 2019, Business Insider reported that unemployment was at an all-time low. In fact, the unemployment rate was 3.6%, its lowest level since December 1969.

So if jobs aren’t scarce, why might you be having trouble finding a job?

Your skillset is too specialized

Of course, it’s always possible that your skillset is so specialized that you’ll have trouble finding a job. Some jobs are so specialized that there are only a dozen or less of them in the entire country.

Your salary is unrealistic

Based on the type of job you’re looking for and where in the country you’re looking, it may be that your salary requirements are unrealistic. Consider lowering your expected salary or being open to relocation.

You need help from a staffing agency

Of course, if either of those or anything else is an issue, it may be time to call in professional help. While not every staffing agency is a good fit for everyone, it can benefit you to sit down and discuss your situation with a professional.

Whether you’ve been searching for a while and haven’t had success, or you’ve just now started the job hunt, we would be happy to have a conversation.