A salesperson can make or break a company. A great hire can skyrocket you to success, while a bad hire can sink your company quickly.

If you’re looking to fill sales positions, you’re obviously wanting to increase your bottom line. As a result, it can be tempting to reduce your overhead by filling the position without utilizing a staffing agency.

However, a sales position is one of the riskiest positions to fill in your company! Do you really want to run that risk without using an expert to help?

Let’s look at three major risks involved with any outside sales position.

Risk #1: Their pay.

This one is pretty easy to wrap your mind around. You have to pay someone to work for you, right? This risk is present in all employees you hire.

With sales positions, they may be salaried employees, straight commission, or something in between. Regardless, you’ll be paying them one way or another. Even if you pay them straight commission, you’re still paying someone to train them. If you make a bad hire and have to replace them, you’ve wasted that investment.

Risk #2: Deals they win or lose.

The whole reason you hire a salesperson is so they can start selling, right? When you’ve made a bad hire, they’re losing opportunities for you left and right. Often, those lost opportunities are gone forever.

Of course, you can’t expect them to start hitting home runs immediately. But a bad hire will continue to lose sales and revenue for your company until you cut them loose.

Risk #3: Future deals.

How your salespeople conduct themselves in public affects not only deals they work on directly, but also other potential deals down the road.

If a salesperson is working for you and makes a negative impression on someone, they’re likely to complain about that to other people when your company comes up. If the salesperson has negatively impacted your company’s reputation, you end up not even being considered for some deals long after they’ve gone.

When you look at the risk involved, is it really worth it to fill a sales job without a staffing agency? Or should you hire a professional firm to help you reduce that risk to yourself and your organization?