Perfecting your resume to ensure prospective employers will see you as a potential employee for their organization is essential. If you are someone who has worked with staffing agencies, the way you list that experience on your resume could be the difference between landing the job and having to continue your job search. The following tips on how to list a staffing agency on your resume will help you get the job you desire.

Staffing agency name

First, it is vital that you put the correct name of the staffing agency on your resume. Hiring managers turn away potential employees simply because they did not do their research and used the incorrect name for their staffing agency on their resumes. Do your research and verify the names of the agencies and companies you have worked with.

Grouping experience vs listing individually

Next, if you have worked only a few positions through your staffing agency, you can list the positions individually. Use the words ‘seasonal’ or ‘temporary’ in your job title along with the dates you were there and the staffing agency name in parentheses.

Example: Seasonal File Clerk (LSG Staffing) Oct. 2018-Jan. 2019

If you have an extensive list of temporary work with a specific staffing agency or additional work experience, you can group your experience together. List the staffing agency as your employer and give a brief description of the type of work you received while working through the agency and the dates you were working with them.

Example: LSG Staffing, Jan 2018-Jan 2019
Clerical work, accounting assistant, janitorial services, etc.

Quantify your experience

Finally, if you are able to quantify exactly how you contributed in previous positions, prospective employers will have a more clear idea of your capabilities. If you know how much money you helped to generate, or however many clients you were able to see in a certain time frame, include that information with your job descriptions. Employers want to know that the people working for them are assets to the company rather than liabilities and numbers don’t lie.

In conclusion, if you correctly name your staffing agency, group your experience together accordingly, and quantify your contributions at previous places of employment, your resume will rival the resumes of people who have full time work experience and increase your likelihood of landing your next job.

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