Employers may interview dozens of people before finding the candidate for a specific position. At times, the thing that will set you apart is not just the answers that you give during the interview, but also the questions that you ask at the end of an interview.

The types of questions that you ask will show the hiring manager how interested you are in the position and the organization as a whole. The following questions are great questions that engage the interviewer at the end of an interview while increasing your likelihood of landing the job.

Questions about the position

Asking detailed questions about the position you are applying for is a great way to show the hiring managers that you are extremely interested in the position. If you are interviewing with the person who would be your direct supervisor, inquire about the job challenges to show that you are proactive and ready to solve problems before they even arise.

Another good question to ask is what success looks like for someone working in that position, which helps clarify expectations. You can also take that question a step further and ask what they consider to be the most important qualities for a person in that role.

Questions about the organization

To show the hiring manager that you are interested in working for an organization whose values align with your own, you can ask your interviewer what they enjoy most about working at the organization. You may also want to ask what management styles are demonstrated throughout the organization or in the department you are interviewing with specifically.

Questions about next steps

You should always end the interview with clear expectations of the next steps in the hiring process. Ask when you should expect to hear from someone, as well as how they will be contacting you. You might also inquire about important dates the organization may have coming up so you can prepare your schedule if hired.

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