Creating the right interview experience

Interviews can be stressful for the candidate and very time consuming for the interviewer, and the interview experience can vary greatly from one company to the next. However, there are ways to strategically create the right interview experience for the candidate and the company.

Before the interview

It is important to let the candidate know where to go for the interview. Ensure that they have the correct address, parking instructions, and information on how to get inside the building if access is restricted. Once they are on the premises, the candidate should know who they need to ask for at the reception desk. You can provide all of this information in an interview brief that you send to the candidate ahead of time. It’s also nice to let the candidate know who at the company will be interviewing them.

During the interview

During the interview, you want the candidate to feel comfortable in order to get the best possible understanding of their skills and their personality from the interview. Clearly indicating where they should sit and having some water waiting for them can go a long way to creating a comfortable environment. If the interview process is lengthy, be sure to take a break and tell them where restrooms are located.

The interview is an opportunity for you to get to know the candidate and for them to get to know you. Try to make the interview a conversation rather than an interrogation, and be sure to allow time for the candidate to ask some questions of you. As you conclude, let the candidate know what the next steps are and when they can expect to hear from you.

After the interview

When the interview is over, walk the candidate out to the front of the office and thank them for their time. Reiterate when they can expect to hear from you and then follow up on that promise. If the candidate isn’t the right fit, it’s important to let them know that in a timely manner rather than leaving them waiting. If something has slowed the process from what you initially communicated, let the candidate know that the process timeline has changed a bit.

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