Three red flags when checking a candidate’s social media profiles

In today’s world, people learn a lot about a person by their social media pages. It’s a common way for many people to express themselves and connect with the rest of the world. The way that someone presents themselves on social media can speak volumes to their character in real life.

Many employers use social media to learn a little more about potential employees, and sometimes what they learn may impact their hiring decision. Here are a few red flags employers can look for when reviewing social media profiles of potential employes.

Posting inappropriate material

The first and most obvious tip is to look out for inappropriate pictures or comments. If they regularly share questionable content or inappropriate material, then there’s a chance they will carry that into their work space. What’s inappropriate? That can vary by individual, but one option is whether or not the content would make your grandmother uncomfortable. Make sure to check through tagged posts as well for any evidence of inappropriate content.


Many people use social media to share their thoughts and opinions about a range of topics. However, if you notice an excessive amount of ranting, this could be problematic. Whether you agree with their rants or not, if they were to be hired by your organization, they are a representative of what you stand for. Will they regularly rant to coworkers or even customers? It is important to look for signs of someone with a hot temper before offering them a position on your team.

Spelling and grammar

Finally, if someone lacks the ability to properly use language to represent themselves, you may be concerned about how they’ll represent your company as well. An occasional typo happens, but if you notice a pattern of sloppy spelling and grammar techniques, that’s a red flag.

A quick scan through social media can give you some additional insight into candidates you’re considering for an open position. While it won’t be the only thing you consider in the process, it’s one way to differentiate candidates and learn a little more about them.

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